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The following videos are designed to enable you to develop your first section templates that you can use in the chocobrain4 app. The development takes place without the theme development pipeline. For the development with the theme development pipeline there is another tutorial.

1. Intro

This video gives you an outlook of the following topics.


2. Context theme

The term theme will be explained and the components of a theme in the chocobrain4 app.

Context theme

3. Basic structure section template

An overview of the structure of an section template will be given.

structure ST

4. TDSL-fields

TDSL-fields will be presented in detail.

tdsl fields

5. fallback

Fallback procedure will be presented.


6. html

the HTML code will be presented.


7. content handling

Introduction on how to deal with missing content.

content handling

8. typical saving errors

It introduces typical error messages when saving.

typical saving errors

9. css in layout

It will be shown how to integrate css into the layout.

css in layout

10. testing

It will be demonstrated how to test.


11. making changes

It shows the problems that arise when changes are made to the section template even though it is already in use.

making changes

12. layout

The structure of the layout sample will be presented.