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Introduction ‚Äč

Theme designers can configure every part of websites by defining their own Layout, PageTemplates, SectionTemplates and FormTemplates. Depending on settings made by Content managers the appropriate Templates are clued together by the chocoBRAIN 4 App, without further effort by Theme designers.

The App's Liquid-API enables developers to use all contents and design adjustments provided by Content managers. This includes data inserted into app fields and data given via fields of the Theme Domain Specific Language (TDSL) which Theme designers can define inside each SectionTemplate and inside the Theme's Layout.

Moreover, presets allow Theme designers defintion of different default contents of TDSL fields in created sections, pages and websites. And by utilizing page generators created pages can offer automatic generation of page sections. Website generators even allow for generation of header and footer sections and pages containing page sections.

Following, the different templates that make up a website are presented first. This is followed by a presentation of all available objects inside the App's Liquid API. Finally the Theme Domain Specific Language (TDSL) will be introduced and it's use will be explained in more detail.

Theme designers can make use of specialized object properties to help in building Templates with Learning Center features, such as article groups, article_pages and topic pages.