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The chocoBRAIN 4 App enables customers to develop advanced marketing oriented online solutions. Each Theme contains a basic Layout and many useful SectionTemplates to build website pages with sections to display content quickly and easily.

Though a big variety of different Designs can be built with existing Themes and its SectionTemplates, it is sometimes desirable to have more specific SectionTemplates or even a whole new Theme with its own set of SectionTemplates. This documentation will enable developers with knowledge in HTML, CSS and Liquid to create new SectionTemplates or even a whole new Theme by creating a new Layout.

To make it easy for content managers to insert content and quickly make design adjustments Theme designers can define any desired number of fields via a Liquid schema block. The chocoBRAIN 4 App provides a richness of different field types for Theme designers to choose from. Therefore SectionTemplates and the Layout need to include such a schema block using a specially crafted Theme Domain Specific Language (TDSL).

The App's Liquid-API enables developers to use all this information and much more from App fields to build their own designs.

Each Website can have its own scripts, styling and structured data. This differing content is provided via different inputs in App fields, Theme Domain Specific Language (TDSL) at website fields or inserted as HTML code into HTMLforHead field.

Theme Development Pipeline beta

For more complex SectionTemplates and whole Themes we recommend to use our theme development pipeline which makes local development of SectionTemplates and Themes possible. Since theme development pipeline is still in beta mode we provide it on demand. Please contact us per email.


In case this documentation does not answer all your questions or if you want to report an error, we would be pleased to hear from you. Fell free to contact us via email